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Our Story

An act of fate, is the strong belief shared by our two founders of Tenaciously Gracious when reflecting upon their chance meeting in 2017. They both hail from London, UK, are born in two different decades and are from two very different backgrounds.


One founder, a Millennial female, the other; a Gen-Z male, recognised their vast differences but also common passions, values, goals and life ethea. 


Both had already embarked on design-based businesses separately, in slightly different realms. Due to this connection, they would often set aside time to motivate, inspire, encourage and mentor one another, in the pursuit of their dreams. However, as 2020 saw the introduction of unsettling times via the pandemic, they saw this as a perfect opportunity to come together in the creation of this very brand you happen to be reading about at this very moment.


The nature of the pandemic prompted the much needed deep self reflection of many of us, including our founders. Upon this, was the realisation of a lack of positive, uplifting and soul-stirring messages portrayed in fashion. They also failed to see more wholesome and ethical values in the luxury fashion sector. With that in mind, our dedicated and determined founders established Tenaciously Gracious.


Tenaciously Gracious is a clothing brand with a difference. Our collections are stylish with a motivational focal point. They are also adaptable for the everyday wardrobe.


What we stand for


Fast forward to today, you will see the result of passion and drive when paired with an unexpected and life-changing meeting of minds and energies. This has enabled the weaving of what we perceive to be a bridge between inspiration and motivation. Every piece you purchase from TG has elements of uniqueness that also ignites your vision or brings light to your path.


We believe everyone can graciously tick off goals with tenacity, overcome obstacles and break through any barriers faced along their journey which we coin "outshining opposition" as often our biggest barrier is facing our own fears or less than ideal stories we have told ourselves.


TG wishes to empower individuals to be all that they can be, through understanding that we can all work together, and our only competition should be striving to be a better version of ourselves which in turn has a knock on effect on all of humanity.


As a result of this, we place value on community and aim to collaborate with as many creative individuals who align with our ethos, to help each other shine and keep the domino effect of goodwill going.

Our work



We pride ourselves on our high standards of quality control, ensuring every product is produced with the finest attention to detail.


We currently only produce up to 200 pieces per design at a time; made with passion and dedication. Each piece in our collections is made to last for years to come.

Every piece is produced in the UK. Working with a London-based team ensures we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, supports other local businesses and allows us to be fully acquainted with the creation of our garments from start to finish. 

We have started our commitment to sustainability by using fully sustainable packaging as well as sustainable materials wherever we can in the production of our garments. We are aiming to be 100% sustainable within the next five years.

We also aim to be as diverse in our representation of our clothing as we are as a team behind the scenes. The models we choose to work with will be from various ethnic backgrounds as well as heights and body shapes. We are of course just getting started so as we develop, you will see more diversity as we open our arms and welcome all to our TG family.

We hope you enjoy watching the TG journey unfold, as it has only just begun.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you! 

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